The main aim of the FPD-REC is to promote the conduct of ethical research in FPD. In particular to safeguard the dignity, rights, safety, and well-being of all actual or potential research participants and communities, while taking into account the interests and needs of researchers and the integrity of FPD.

The FPD-REC operates in terms of the National Health Act (2003), and the National Health Research Ethics Council. The FPD-REC is accredited by the National Health Research Ethics Council of the South African Department of Health under registration number REC-120208-018.

What type of research must be submitted to the FPD Research Ethics Committee for review?

Please note that all health research must be reviewed by a Research Ethics Committee in terms of the National Health Act.
The National Health Act (Act 61 of 2003) defines “health research” as any research which contributes to knowledge of:
(a) the biological, clinical, psychological or social processes in human beings.
(b) improved methods for the provision of health services.
(c) human pathology.
(d) the causes of disease.
(e) the effects of the environment on the human body.
(f) the development or new application of pharmaceuticals, medicines and related substances; and (g) the development of new applications of health technology.

Application and review process:

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