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Here you can obtain information about your registered courses, download course content and exchange information and knowledge with fellow students.

FPD provides students the opportunity to receive training by offering numerous formal registered qualifications and short courses from our Business School, School of Health Sciences, School of Education. School of Nursing, Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness School and School of Information Technology. Our courses are available in Distance, Contact Tuition and E-Learning format to ensure that the education needs of all learners seeking to expand their academic or professional horizons are met.

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Catalysing social change through developing people, strengthening systems and providing innovative solutions

  • Developing People

    FPD provides a comprehensive curriculum of courses in management and professional skills development that are customised to the needs of students in sectors, such as: management, health and education.

  • Innovating

    FPD’s research priorities focus on promoting operational research and research on educational practice. FPD encourages and uses action research as a methodology for professional development and transformational practice.

  • Strengthening Systems

    FPD does not follow the narrower definition of community engagement that is solely focused on the role of students in the community. We believe that as an institution that attracts highly skilled social entrepreneurs, we are in a position to effect positive transformation in society.