Notifications alert lecturers, students and other users about courses in Moodle such as new forum posts, assignment grading or badges awarded.

To receive notifications, you need to enable them via the Moodle (LMS) site by following the steps provided:

1. Changing notification preferences

Click the arrow next to the image in the top right corner to access the User menu. From the User menu, select Preferences.

From the Preferences page select Notification preferences.

2. Notification settings

The Notification preferences page brings up a screen with Yes/No options where users can choose how they wish to be notified both when logged in and logged out of Moodle. They can choose between:

  • Web
  • Email : Notification sent to your email inbox.

After making changes to your notification settings, click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

3. Message Settings

You can restrict who can message you and also control your overall Notifications preferences from the User menu.

From the User menu select Messages.

Click the cog symbol next to the Search box.

Under Privacy select My contacts only to receive messages only from your contacts, or select My contacts and anyone in my courses.

Under Notification preferences set the slider to on (right) or off (left) to receive your notifications by Email.