Thank you for your interest in the management and leadership short course package for Golden Key International Honour Society’s (GKIHS). This is exclusively available to GKIHS members and you will need to include your council as GKIHS and your council number on your profile to access this. Golden Key International Honour Society’s (GKIHS) mission is to enable its members to realise their potential through the advancement of academics, leadership and service. GKIHS recognises that management skills are crucial at various levels of your career and in order to provide our members with tangible value, we have partnered with the Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) to offer you an entry level short course package which will successfully develop your fundamental management and leadership skills.

Participants that enrol on these courses are exposed to complex business environments and are challenged to think differently through self-assessment and reflection. Through examining a range of management concepts, students discover winning techniques that improve their ability to manage in an ever-changing world. The most relevant management subjects have been weaved together to form a solid educational foundation for the emerging manager. FPD's approach is to combine excellent theory and personal experience which results in a management programmes that are inspiring and practical.

Who Should Enrol

  • Graduate trainees and succession planning nominees.

  • Young managers with potential, first line managers, supervisors, team leaders and other candidates who require management development.

Course Design

The courses within this package are designed to accommodate adult education approaches and require delegates to take responsibility for their own learning. 

Each course has an extensive self-study component supplemented by additional reading material that affords delegates the opportunity to apply key learning concepts to their individual context and their working environment.

These components have been designed to ensure:

  • acquisition of knowledge
  • application of such knowledge in a simulated learning opportunity
  • the development of a frame of reference on the subject
  • assimilation of skills

Each module is further supported by a video tuition session featuring national subject matter experts. Video tuition sessions are designed to highlight key messages linked to the module but presenters do not cover all aspects of the module. To extract the full benefit of the module the participant needs to watch the video tuition session in conjunction with working through the study material.

Course Content

Short Course in Managing Self

This short course includes the following modules:

  • Presenting Yourself Correctly
  • Self-management


Short Course Managing Others

This short course includes the following modules:

  • Leadership that gets Results
  • Introduction to Relationship Management
  • Introduction to Diversity Management
  • Your Role as Supervisor
  • Strength in Teamwork
  • Introduction to Human Resource Management


Short course in Managing the Organisation

This short course includes the following modules:

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Introduction to Operations Management
  • Knowledge Management (Organisational Learning)
  • Thriving and Surviving Change


Short course in Managing Stakeholders

This short course includes the following modules:

  • Introduction to Markets and Marketing
  • Customer Service and Client Satisfaction
  • Introduction to Financial Management


Participants will be assessed by means of a multiple-choice questionnaire for each of the modules and a pass rate of 50% is required.


Participants will receive a certificate of completion for each short course successfully completed.


This package is only accessible through means of a scholarship exclusively provided to GKIHS members. You are not required to apply for this as it is accessible to all GKIHS members.

Special Offer to GKIHS members:

Participants are provided with a special offer of enrolling for FPD’s Higher Certificate in Management [HCert. (Management)] (SAQA ID 73498, 120 Credits) at a discounted rate of 35% after completion of this package. Participants that have already completed other FPD management short courses may apply for Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CAT) for up to 50 % of the credits towards the HCert (Management).

Participants who register for the [HCert. (Management)] will additionally, receive a study guide document and be required to successfully complete a minimum of 4 formative assessments in the form of modular assignments, and 4 summative assessments in the form of case study examinations in order to qualify for a certificate of completion for the Higher Certificate in Management.

Enrolment process

Obtain the voucher from the FPD partnership page on the GKIHS website. In order to gain access to the course on the FPD portal, you will be required to have a free registered profile. If you do not have one you will be prompted to register a profile. When registering your profile for the first time on the FPD portal you will receive a verification email, this email sometimes goes to your junk folder, please check your junk folder. If you have any challenges please contact the FPD team.


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