Our secondary and tertiary institutions do not fully equip graduates for the world of work, which often creates a gap in the individual’s skillset, preventing them from either landing a job, or gaining that promotion they desire to advance their careers. The HCert (Management) is an entry level management programme that successfully develops the skills of young potential managers, supervisors and team leaders.

Students that enrol on this programme are exposed to complex business environments and are challenged to think differently through self-assessment and reflection. Through examining a range of management concepts, students discover winning techniques that improve their ability to manage in an ever-changing world. The most relevant management subjects have been weaved together to form a solid educational foundation for the emerging manager.

FPD's approach is to combine excellent theory and personal experience which results in a management programme that is inspiring and practical.

Who Should Enrol

The HCert (Management) is targeted at:

  • Young managers with potential, first line managers, supervisors, team leaders and other candidates who require management development.
  • Graduate trainees (University and Technical) and succession planning nominees.
  • Grade 12 graduates who have just completed their secondary education and are in need of developing a broad range of managerial skills that will equip them for the world of work.

Course Design

The programme is offered using participatory methods and building on the shared knowledge of the participants. The programme is skills-based and allows participants the opportunity to find solutions to problems they may identify as managers.

Pre-programme work: Each module is supported with customised pre-programme materials. The pre-programme material is user-friendly and affords delegates the opportunity to apply key learning concepts to their own jobs within their own working environment. Delegates are expected to complete these modules prior to attending the workshops.

These components have been designed to ensure:

  • acquisition of knowledge
  • application of such knowledge in a simulated learning opportunity
  • the development of a frame of reference on the subject
  • assimilation of skills

Course Content

Module 1: Digital Literacy

  1. Introduction to computers
  2. Operating systems and security
  3. Internet, e-mail and social media
  4. Productivity programs and MS Word
  5. MS Excel
  6. MS Powerpoint

Module 2: Managing Self

  1. Self Management
  2. Presenting Yourself

Module 3: Managing Others

  1. Leadership that gets results
  2. Your Role as a supervisor
  3. Strength in teamwork
  4. Introduction to diversity management
  5. Introduction to relationship management
  6. Introduction to human resource management

Module 4: Managing the Organisation

  1. Introduction to Operations Management
  2. Introduction to Project Management
  3. Thriving and Surviving change (Economics)
  4. Knowledge Management (Organisational Learning)

Module 5: Managing Stakeholders

  1. Introduction to Financial Management
  2. Introduction to Markets and Marketing
  3. Introduction to Customer Service and Client Satisfaction

Entry Requirements

The admission requirement is a Grade 12 National Senior Certificate with a minimum of a 30% pass in language of instruction, OR an NQF Level 4 qualification.


The HCert (Management) is a formally registered and accredited qualification, registered on the NQF as a level 5 qualification for 120 credits.

SAQA ID: 73498


Students will be assessed by means of both formative and summative assessments. With a minimum of one written assignment and one examination per module.


Students will receive an HCert (Management) if they successfully attend the contact sessions, complete all the individual tests, Assignments and Examinations.

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