Short Course in Caring for COVID-19 Patients


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For those patients presenting with mild illness, hospitalization is not possible because of the burden on the health care system. The coronavirus pandemic is stressing hospital capacity to its limits, and one way to reduce this pressure it to move patient care downstream. For those patients, care can only be considered, if they can be followed up and cared for. 

In any of these situations, patients with mild symptoms and without underlying chronic conditions − such as lung or heart disease, renal failure, or immunocompromising conditions that place the patient at increased risk of developing complications − may be cared for at home or in care homes.  Home care may also be considered when inpatient care is unsafe (e.g. capacity is limited, and resources are unable to meet the demand for health care services).

That means keeping as many patients as possible out of the hospital and getting those who have been hospitalized discharged as quickly as possible to make room for other, more critical patients.  

This course will address all aspects of home care and protection for spreading the disease as well as strategies that will make daily life more bearable for both the patient and the caregiver

Offered in partnership with National Department of Health.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this short course, participants should be able:

  • to discuss the spreading of COVID 19
  • to discuss the symptoms, testing, and prevention of COVID 19 
  • to explain the role of the care giver in different settings
  • to discuss protection measures 
  • to discuss all necessary aspects when caring for the COVID 19 patients
  • to discuss mental and medical support
  • to explain how to cope with stress

Course Design

The Short Course in Caring for the COVID-19 patients is a part-time e-learning course

Course Duration

This short course requires about 6 hours to complete but the maximum period for completion is 3 months


FPD will award successful participants with a certificate of completion should they successfully complete the assessment process.


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Course Fee

This course is fully sponsored by the Foundation for Professional Development and Pioneering Solutions Studio for the first 500 enrolled students. 

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