The course covers what we have learnt so far and what steps can we take to prepare for the future. A basic understanding of the virus will give you a credible starting point with a roadmap of external and internal factors to consider in the wake of COVID-19 and how to develop strategies to deal with these.  It has practical examples and sources for you to apply to your unique workforce with the aim of protecting your business and your workforce.

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward” Vern Law


This course will give you the insight to deal with critical areas in your business as it relates to COVID-19. There are suggestions that similar outbreaks may recur, gaining the core knowledge you require to deal with this in your workplace and adapt is key to being prepared. This course will help you place your organisation or business in the best possible position to adapt to the new normal and be prepare for future epidemics.

Who Should Enrol

Anyone that is responsible for managing a workforce, implementing and amending policies & procedures or persons that are involved in planning, staffing, organising, leading, directing and controlling activities.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Create a business strategy to respond to the impact of COVID 19
  • Develop a COVID 19 communication strategy
  • Explain the practical measures required to create a safer work environment
  • Explain the practical measures required to protect your staff

Course Design

Offered as an online e-learning course. The course is structured in short modules that can be done in your own time.

Course Content

These modules have been developed by experts in management, leadership, business and occupational health:

  • Understanding the origins of COVID-19
  • Basic epidemiology & spreading of the disease
  • Impact of the pandemic
  • Evaluation of information & fake news
  • Government directives & policies
  • Potential impact on business
  • Strategic plans for the business
  • Formulating policies
  • Optimize workplace to reduce COVID-19 transmission
  • Business Travel risk
  • Personal protective equipment
  •  Measures to support staff during the outbreak


Participants will be required to complete an assessment after each module in the form of multiple choice questionnaires and obtain a pass rate of 50%.

Course Duration

Approximately 8 hours is required to complete all the modules and must be completed within 2 weeks.


Successful participants will be awarded with a certificate of completion.


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