Financial Literacy (Bubomi)


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Having your own money is exciting but it can be confusing too. Where do you start if you want to make money to buy that gaming console you want or the sweater that your parents say you have to save your money for? Even some adults still struggle to manage their money. We all want our money to work for us whether we want to save it or just make it stretch until the end of the month for a trip to the mall. Somehow, we often fall short, the good news is that managing your money is a skill you can learn. 

Making good financial decisions can help you be independent, prepare you to manage bigger amounts of money and get that best out of your money.  You can have the ability to meet your financial goals and get on the path to a life full of healthy financial habits, ensuring your future success. 

This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of managing your money, it gives you tips on how to make money and uses fun activities to help you learn how to manage your money. 

As part of its journey to become a fundamentally different, disruptive and digitally led bank; Absa Group Limited (Absa), has taken the business decision to become even more of an active force for good in society. As part of the implementation of this new strategy, Absa together with Foundation for Professional Development as its training partner offers Consumer Education.

Absa is committed to uplifting and empowering youth and communities through their Consumer Education Programme by offering this course on Financial Literacy to you.

Course Highlights

  • Welcome
  • Orientation
  • Pre-Course Assessment
  • Module 1: Making My Money
  • Module 2: Spending My Money
  • Module 3: Working with my money
  • Module 4: Getting help with my money
  • Post-Course assessment

Course Design

The Bubomi course is a e-learning course.  The learners have to work through various e-learning activities and assessments in order to complete the course successfully.  Although the learners can work through the course on their own time, it will take an average learner about 2 hours to complete the course. 

Course Content

The following modules are included in this short course:

Module 1:  Making my money

Module 2: Spending my money

Module 3: Working with my money

Module 4: Getting help with my money


Learning Outcomes

On achieving this course, a learner will be able to:

• Make wise decisions about your managing your money

• Describe ways in which you can make money

• Apply skills to manage your money

• Explain how you can make your money work for you

• Describe where and how you can find help with your money



Learners are required to work through all the e-learning and assessment activities and will earn badges as they progress through the course. 


FPD will award successful participants with a certificate of attendance on completion of this course should they successfully complete all the learning and assessment activities. 


Tshegofatso Mathabathe 

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