The Alliance Manchester Business School Advanced Programme in Management (AMP) is a one-year, part time, international executive development certificate programme that will empower leaders with the tools and skill set to effectively navigate their way through the various disciplines of management.

While the modern business environment is dynamic and challenging it can also be exciting and ripe for innovation. Constant pressure to evolve, operate with confidence and stretch across functional boundaries can leave one feeling out of your depth, overwhelmed and hesitant to act. Continuous development in your field with a credible institution is now a necessity. Ever present time and financial constraints mean many ambitious leaders are looking for targeted, manageable, and reputable courses.

Imagine functioning with the confidence to make decisions and lead with authority and having the knowledge to take actions and solve problems with customers and stakeholders. In an unpredictable environment be able to maintain your personal and professional well-being because you have the tools to turn failure into learnings and create evidence to access new opportunities. Now more than ever empowering yourself with the means to be a more capable leader is a step towards bullet proofing your career and enhancing your output.

Empower yourself with a leading international qualification that distils core managerial and leadership competencies contextualised to the “new normal”.

Take action through an in-depth understanding of processes and outcomes. Be a transformational leader who is able to identify when change needs to happen and inspire people toward this change.

The Alliance Manchester Business School is one of the oldest business schools in the UK and ranked as one of the top 50 global and top 20 European business schools. The partnership with the Foundation for Professional  Development (FPD)allows students in Africa to access this prestigious international programme at local tuition fees.

Who Should Enrol

Middle and Senior Managers who wish to rapidly fast track their careers or grow their sphere of influence by becoming transformational leaders with an international recognised qualification from one of the worlds’ leading business schools.



Course Highlights

  • Engage and interact with faculty who all are experts in their field with deep contextual experience in business.
  • Embark on a journey of professional and personal development in your role as leader and manager.
  • Learn from relevant case studies in areas such as marketing, human resources, strategy and finance;
  • Learn how to plan and prepare actions related to business success and at the same time pre-empt challenges and minimise risk in critical areas that can derail your personal and organisational success using an action research methodology;
  • Appreciate and understand the complex nature of leadership and how to apply it effectively in your organisation;
  • Develop strategies to achieve commercial excellence; and
  • Expand your networks and learn from your fellow classmates while earning the actual Manchester Business School certificate.
  • Structure your time to study at your own pace.

Entry Requirements

  • A bachelors degree or equivalent (with management experience) or;
  • Substantial management experience. (min 10 years) – we acknowledge that business skills are often learned in the trenches and not in ivory towers
  • Participants must be sufficiently fluent in English to complete assignments and participate meaningfully in discussions and working groups

Course Content

AMBS AMP has been designed to equip you with the tools to build resilience, drive change and create the future for yourself and your organisation. The course has been designed to take participants through all the steps from development to successful implementation of a business strategy, while acquiring the required transformational leadership competencies along the way.

Module 1: Action Research

Module 2: Understanding the International Business Environment OR Understanding the International Healthcare Environment

Module 3: Business Law and Ethics

Module 4: Self Management 

Module 5: Leadership

Module 6: Managing Strategy and Change

Module 7: Financial Management and Managing Value

Module 8: Human Resource Management and Organisational Development

Module 9: Strategic Marketing and Customer Relations

Module 10: Managing Information and Strategic IT

Module 11: Commercial Excellence


Course Duration

1 Year part time programme.

  • 5-10 hours per week required time to complete
  • Sessions


Participants will have the opportunity to translate learning into measurable application throughout the course which will assist you in your current role. The exam project for this course requires the participant to use Action Research as a research methodology, over the duration of the programme to introduce an innovative idea or solve a major problem within their workplace. Action research is a powerful tool in developing transformational leaders as it enables you to become a proactive manager who is able to mobilise resources to solve their problems or implement your ideas.

Evidence will be collected through a portfolio of evidence (POE). Participants will be required to submit this POE that documents their personal and professional growth in implementing this project as their final exam assignment. A POE is a valuable tool to support you in your career progress, as it provides tangible evidence to current and future employees of the ability of a manager to effect positive change.


This programme is certified by Alliance Manchester Business School and participants who successfully complete the programme will be awarded an (internationally recognised) AMBS AMP Certificate.

Course Fee

R64 449.00

  • Payment options available
  • This excludes any transport or logistical costs

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