Anatomy is one of the core sections of Basic Medical Sciences. Given the central role of anatomy, the development of medical knowledge and reach new horizons in science is not possible without relying on anatomy. This course is about learning about the human anatomy. Understanding human anatomy is essential if one is to understand how the body works. Anyone wishing to learn about the anatomy and terminology of the human body will find this course useful.

Who Should Enrol

All interested in updating their knowledge on medical terminology and basic anatomy.

Learning Outcomes

On achieving this course, a learner will be able to:

  • List the different systems in the human body.
  • Name the different anatomic positions.
  • Name the different movements of the human body.
  • Name the different regions of the human body.
  • Identify that the human organism is broken down into systems, then organs, then tissues, then cells, and then chemical.
  • Distinguish between different systems in the human body.

Course Content

The following modules are included in this course:

  1. Anatomic Terminology
  2. The Skeletal System
  3. The Muscular System
  4. The Cardiovascular System
  5. The Respiratory System
  6. The Nervous System
  7. The Endocrine System
  8. The Urogenital System
  9. The Skin
  10. The Ear, Nose and Throat
  11. The Eye
  12. The Gastro-intestinal System

Course Design

This is an eLearning course.

Course Duration

The maximum period for completion is 3 months from the date of registration. It will take approximately 2 days to work through all content and resources as well as complete the assessment requirements.


Participants are assessed by means of a multiple-choice questionnaire at the end of each module for which a cumulative pass mark of 50% is required.


To qualify for the certificate of completion for this short course, participants should work through all materials and resources provided and successfully complete the assessment process.

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