The advanced clinical care (ACC) highlights the HIV epidemic in South Africa and the complications of advanced HIV disease and the changing profile of people with advanced disease. This ACC programme targets most areas in HIV care to reduce mortality, morbidity and improve virologic suppression. This course targets the high level of complexity in patients with advanced HIV and inadequate clinical skills to meet the patient’s needs. Case based training and mentorship strengthens the clinician’s ability to administer medical care to patients with advanced HIV disease.

Who Should Enrol

Professional Nurses who completed the Short Course on Nurse Initiated Management of ART (NIMART).

Learning Outcomes

After completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Discuss the epidemiology of HIV in South Africa.
  • Describe the general Approach to the HIV-positive Patient with Advanced Disease.
  • Discuss the epidemiology of HIV Drug Resistance.
  • Distinguish between adverse Drug Reactions.

Course Content

The following modules are included in this short course:

1. Epidemiology of HIV in South Africa.

2. General Approach to the HIV-positive Patient with Advanced Disease.

3. Epidemiology of HIV Drug Resistance.

4. Adverse Drug Reaction.


Participants are assessed on the self-study component of the course through means of a multiple-choice questionnaire. 


To qualify for the certificate of completion for this short course, participants should fully complete the online course and successfully complete the assessment process.


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