FPD’s custom SEED programme has been created to give you a competitive edge in the working environment and the tools to excel in key aspects of your role. 

We work in a fast-paced environment that demands that we continually upskill. A critical set of skills and knowledge is required to deal with the myriad of political, economic, social, technological and legal forces that play out in work daily. In line with our mission to catalyse social change through developing people, FPD has invested in an online training programme provided to our employees to improve your knowledge and skills in key subjects required for the professional environment, to achieve outputs in any role and serve our customers. The courses contained in the programme have been selected by the FPD training Committee, which is representative of FPD employee population. 

Who Should Enrol

This programme is only accessible to the employees of the Foundation for Professional Development.

Course Design

This is an eLearning programme.

Course Content

The following modules are included for 2021:

  1. Time Management
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Emotional Intelligence
  4. Customer Services
  5. Ethical Decision Making and Business Ethics
  6. Accountability and delegation
  7. Elective 1: Basic Monitoring and Evaluation in the PEPFAR Environment
  8. Elective 2: Basic Monitoring and Evaluation for Educational Programmes
  9. Elective 3: Introduction to Project Management
  10. Elective 4: Personal Financial Skills
  11. Elective 5: Digital Literacy
  12. Cyber Security


Participants will be required to complete an assessment for each module. An overall pass rate of 50% is required to be successful.


Successful participants will be awarded a certificate of completion. 

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FPD’s internal custom SEED programme that has been created to it's employees a competitive edge in the working environment and the tools to excel in key aspects of your role.